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Provide transparency on the origin of green electricity

Our clear origin product enables you to be truly green by providing local, green energy and proving its origin. Distinguish yourself from other green energy providers by offering a route to market for distributed energy resources, even for the smallest producers. 

Clean origin enables the aggregation of distributed green energy, allowing producers to earn more when feeding electricity back to the grid.

Your benefit

Create a truly green brand

Shape the energy transition and secure the trust and loyalty of new and existing customers by proving the origin of your local green energy. Actively increase the share of distributed energy resources.
Your benefit

Increase your revenues and margins

Appeal to a significantly larger customer base and increase your margins by distinguishing your offer from traditional approaches. Capitalize on your customers' desire to make a proactive contribution to the energy transition.
Your benefit

Increase your customer retention

See your churn rate drop dramatically by making your offering understandable, trustworthy, relatable and relevant. Quench your customers' thirst for community spirit and sense of pride in their region.
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