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Create green energy communities

Instead of just selling hardware, you can now bundle your products with energy services and electricity tariffs to build prosumer communities. This unlocks significant new revenue streams for you and boosts your margins.

Your customers profit from innovative solutions to maximise their value from distributed green assets, such as PV, batteries and EVs, as well as electric heating and cooling.

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Increase your margins

Improve your product margins by bundling hardware products with electricity tariffs and additional services, while reducing your customers' total cost of ownership.
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Expand your market share

Appeal to a larger customer base by meeting the increasingly varied and complex energy needs of your customers with a convenient and straightforward offer.
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Launch innovative business models

Create a profitable new business by offering your customers flat energy rates, subscription models, type-of-use and time-of-use tariffs, plus aggregation and peer-to-peer energy sharing.
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Generate commercial value from flexibility

Your customers' assets can contribute to grid stability. Unlock new revenues by aggregating small-scale flexible assets and turning them into commercial value. Store surplus energy and sell it to the community when it's needed.
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