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Various customers and utilities are using our Software as a Service energy platform across Europe. Learn more how they address the market based on our technology.

Smart tariffs

Envision Digital

Lumenaza enables Envision Digital, a pioneer in digital energy technology, to offer smart tariffs and electricity of clear origin as part of its EV home charging offerings. Our Energy-as-a-Service platform enables efficient operation of all energy market processes and provides Envision Digital the flexibility to evolve their customer-centered offerings for both private and business customers.
Clear origin

Kiwigrid/BayWa r.e.

Kiwigrid and Lumenaza have developed a manufacturer-independent Home Energy Management System including a customized green electricity tariff for PV storage combinations. The collaboration enables BayWa r.e. to offer a cloud-based electricity product at a flat rate in addition to a complete solution consisting of a solar system, storage, energy manager and a user-friendly app. End-consumers receive a holistic solution, from device installation to registration for the green residual electricity. Our open interfaces enabled Kiwigrid to integrate us into the existing HEMS customer portal, so that both existing and new customers can register for the tariff in just a few clicks. Lumenaza acts as a utility-as-a-service, meaning we take on the supplier role and all subsequent power market processes.
Prosumer Community


SMA Solar Technology AG is one of the world's leading specialists for photovoltaic system technology and energy solutions. With JOIN, SMA offers its customers a sustainable electricity tariff based on a decentralized and renewable energy supply. The open interfaces enabled a very fast and uncomplicated integration into the existing customer portals, so that both existing and new customers can register for the tariff with just a few clicks. Lumenaza acts as "utility-as-a-service", i.e. it takes over the supplier role and all subsequent energy management processes such as billing, switching processes, balancing group management, as well as the procurement of electricity of clear origin from the community via its virtual power plant.
Clear origin


The eprimo energy community brings together producers and consumers of green energy, which is primarily produced by members throughout Germany. Lumenaza connects the producers with the consumers for eprimo, a subsidary of E.ON. We automatically generate individual forecasts for each plant and handle billing on the generation side, as well as the associated energy management processes.
Prosumer Communities

GreenCom Networks

In Brunnthal, 20km south of Munich, GreenCom Networks connects all members of the community, visualizes power flows live and offers a bonus for every kWh of power generated and consumed in the community, thus balancing generation and consumption. Lumenaza handles energy management processes such as switching, balancing group management and sending monthly bills including dynamic bonuses based on smart meter data.
Clear origin

Regionah Energie

Since 2017, customers in the region between Reutlingen and Ulm have been able to purchase electricity directly from their region. Lumenaza assumes all energy-related tasks and functions as a service provider. Our software controls generation, storage and consumption, and we assume the role of the direct marketer, balancing group manager and all market and accounting processes.
Prosumer communities

Market-leading battery manufacturer

We connect community members with each other for a battery manufacturer. If members do not immediately need or store their own electricity, they can push it into a virtual electricity pool. Our software controls generation, storage and consumption, while we also assume the roles of direct marketer, balancing group manager and look after all market and accounting processes. The software has also been further developed in order to be able to map new tariff types in a highly automated and flexible manner.
Prosumer community


Solar+ offers customers a complete PV storage solution for their household. Supply, generation and storage of electricity are optimized by intelligent control for self-consumption. New rate types and community approaches complement the product and help to increase customer loyalty. In the community, members become more independent and can share their generated energy. We assume the role of direct marketer, balancing group manager and look after all market and settlement processes.
Clear origin

Stadtwerke Wunsiedel

Since March 2016, Stadtwerke Wunsiedel has been offering local electricity consumers a regional electricity product. The electricity is produced by solar, wind and biogas plants. Our technology bundles a multitude of decentralized plants into a regional virtual power plant. Sophisticated algorithms optimize production and consumption to balance electricity in the region. Lumenaza acts as balancing group manager and direct marketer and provides the front-end solution. Stadtwerke Wunsiedel uses our software platform as a white-label solution.
Clear origin


Since the summer of 2016, the Jurenergie cooperative in the Neumarkt district of Bavaria, Germany offers its members and interested citizens their own electricity product. Our software now enables the cooperative to market its self-generated energy to its members. We assume the role of electricity supplier and direct marketer, plus perform a number of additional energy-related tasks and functions.
Clear origin


As a project developer and energy service provider, actensys has expanded its range of services with us. With its Altbayern-Schwaben regional power product it can now also regionally market electricity generated from project plants. Thanks to its appearance through our co-branding, it can win new customers and address existing ones with new offers, thus increasing customer loyalty in the long term. We assume the role of electricity supplier and direct marketer, plus perform a number of additional energy-related tasks and functions.
Clear Origin


Five community energy companies from the Biberach district have joined forces to form the BiberEnergie platform, together with Interconnector GmbH. The idea is that consumers can buy electricity produced in the region. The added value remains in the Biberach district, thus strengthening local structures. Lumenaza handles the market processes for end customers, looks after direct marketing and provides a customer portal.
Clear origin

NatürlichEnergie EMH

Since 2017, customers in the Eifel, Mosel and Hunsrück regions have been able to source local electricity directly. We lead all energy-related tasks and functions as service provider. Our software controls generation, storage and consumption, while we also assume the roles of direct marketer, balancing group manager and look after all market and accounting processes.
Smart tariffs

Stadtwerke Karlsruhe

Together with Stadtwerk Karlsruhe, we have set up a power community for neighborhoods and areas in the city. Since the beginning of 2018 tenants have had the opportunity to purchase the electricity generated in their neighborhoods directly as tenant electricity. We are responsible for energy management processes for the supply of tenant electricity along with data collection, change processes, billing and customer communication. We also provide the customer portal.
Smart tariffs


Since January 2017, we have collaborated with Vattenfall on the Sun Partnership. With Vattenfall as a partner, companies can produce electricity on the roof of their own property by operating a PV system, concurrently reducing their own electricity costs and building up their fixed assets. The solar system is leased from Vattenfall in a solar contracting model so consumers do not incur high initial investment costs. We act as direct marketer, provide the internet platform and offer the residual electricity supply to commercial enterprises.
Clear origin

IBC Solar

In 2019, IBC SOLAR, a worldwide leading system house for photovoltaics (PV) and energy storage, launched the eco-electricity tariff efa: fair, which is based on a product tailored by Lumenaza for PV storage systems and adapted to the customer's needs. With the combination of efa:fair and efa: home, energy management platform that optimizes the energy flows within the home, customers can now get 100 percent green electricity and make maximum use of the advantages of solar systems and storage and increase their energy efficiency.
New concepts


The southern Swedish village of Simris has 140 households and feeds its energy needs almost entirely from wind power and PV systems. Excess electricity is temporarily stored in batteries or used, for example, as flexibilities in heat pumps. Lumenaza is responsible for the mapping of the energy flows. Customers can use their own platform at any time to see how much energy their plant produces and how much they have used themselves. The use of flexibilities is also mapped so users have full transparency at all times. The EU-funded research project was completed in 2021.
New concepts

ANM4L - Active Network Management for All

ANM4L demonstrates how innovative active network management solutions can increase the integration of renewable energy sources in electricity distribution networks. Lumenaza provides the software platform to motivate customers to actively participate in a local energy market. The benefits of using flexibilities in active and reactive power will be shared with customers to strengthen loyalty in their communities and avoid expensive investments in grid extensions. Lumenaza is collaborating with RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, the Municipality of Borgholm, E.ON, Lund University and RWTH Aachen University on this project, .
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